Growing and Connecting Gospel-Proclaiming Communities

Our purpose as redeemed children of God is to proclaim the good news of Jesus.  It   happens primarily by preaching the gospel to ourselves.  If we are doing that, then we will be convicted and empowered to live out the new life we have in Christ.  Being in Christ means we will belong to the local church community.  As the gospel is promoted and encouraged, believers will seek to decrease while having Jesus increase.  We will in essence be looking outside of ourselves, and beyond ourselves, to the family of God as well as our neighbors.  In those relationships we will be declaring the gospel, and by God’s grace, people will respond to the news and believe.  The evangelistic outward activity will come naturally and necessarily as as a result of faith in the gospel.  It should lead to new believers and new communities forming, culminating in an eventual new church plant.  Essentially, as we stay focused on gospel proclamation, kingdom growth will occur, individually and corporately.