Faith & Doctrine

In brief, our beliefs are:

  • Lordship of Jesus Christ – Jesus is God the Son who reveals God the Father and brings us to the Father. By living under the lordship of Jesus Christ the people of Grace Church Stamford are committed to living a life of holiness and obedience through discipleship leading to spiritual maturity and ministry.


  • Authority of Scripture – Jesus Christ who is the Word of God is revealed in Scripture and its proclamation. The people of Grace Church Stamford is committed to living by God’s Word as it is taught and preached. Our activities center on a Word-based ministry through the illuminating and guiding work of the Holy Spirit.


  • Life in the Body of Christ – God’s people gather in the local church where we hear God speak through the reading and teaching of Scripture. As the body of Christ we respond corporately through prayers and song. Christian fellowship at Grace Church Stamford is expressed by showing love for one another and sharing in each others’ lives.


  • Proclamation of the Gospel – We are God’s fellow workers and we partner with him by taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, beginning with our local sphere of social relationships. Grace Church Stamford seeks to foster a heart of ministry by the example of a godly life and active evangelism.